Love walking and nature photography?

Welcome to "Nature Walks with Carol," where you can discover the marvels of nature and wildlife photography, while experiencing the stunning landscapes and vistas of the UK.

Working together, we'll turn you from a casual smartphone photographer into a skilled DSLR or mirrorless camera user. This will enable you to capture the stunning beauty of the natural world in ways you've only dreamed of!

carol the photographerI'm Carol, your guide and fellow photography enthusiast.

Remember to pack:

  • Sunscreen
  • Midge spray
  • Hat and Gloves
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • A map 
  •  Phone

Photography Opportunities Await

Whether you're an experienced photographer or new to photography the UK offers a range of subjects to capture.

From the expansive views of mountain ranges to the wide-reaching forests, from the detailed aspects of a single leaf to the delicate iridescence of a butterfly's wings, each step offers a chance for an impressive photo

So, remember to bring your camera as well as your hiking boots You never know, your next great photo could be waiting where you least expect it.

Capturing the Perfect Shot, Any Time

In nature photography, the time of day, seasons, and weather significantly influence the scenes you capture

Time of Day

The golden hours, occurring shortly after sunrise and just before sunset, provide soft, warm lighting that can enhance your photos with a captivating glow.

The blue hour, the time shortly before sunrise and immediately after sunset, offers a cool, tranquil setting for your photography.

Time of Year

Every season has unique attractions and difficulties.

Spring presents a burst of colour with the flowering of bluebells, whereas autumn displays a range of warm colours as leaves transition.

Winter offers a clear, uncluttered landscape, while summer is rich with greenery.

Whatever the Weather

Don't avoid less than ideal weather.

A stormy sky can enhance a landscape with drama, and a misty morning can imbue it with mystery.

Ensure your equipment is protected against harsh conditions, but don't allow rain or snow to prevent you from capturing a distinct moment. Wildlife photography in the rain offers unique challenges and opportunities.

The Diverse Habitats of the East of England

The East of England, the primary location for our walks, is a region of outstanding diversity. It includes various habitats, each distinguished by its own specific features and residents.

From the beginning, the scenic beauty and the refreshing countryside atmosphere will impress you. It's an undiscovered area that provides a tranquil retreat from city life.

My virtual tours offer an introductory experience for newcomers to hiking or nature walks. I’ll guide you and provide essential knowledge, ensuring you fully enjoy your outdoor adventure.

Coastal Habitats

This area boasts a long and varied coastline, home to sandy beaches, saltmarshes, and dunes. These areas provide crucial nesting sites for many bird species, including puffins and gannets.


Fenlands represent a distinct habitat exclusive to the East of England. These low-lying areas of flat grassland frequently experience winter flooding, creating a distinctive rich ecosystem.

The fens are a haven for diverse flora and fauna, hosting numerous species that are scarce or at risk in other parts of the UK.

Keep an eye out for unique species like the fen raft spider, the bittern, and the marsh harrier.

Freshwater Habitats

The region is dotted with numerous rivers, lakes, and ponds, which support a wide range of aquatic life.

Look out for dragonflies skimming the water's surface, and great crested grebes raising their families

Mandarin drakeMandarin drake (Aix galericulata)

Lowland Heaths

These areas, characterised by their sandy, acidic soils, support a unique array of plants and animals. Look out for heather in bloom, and stay alert for the elusive nightjar.


The East of England boasts diverse woodland habitats, ranging from centuries-old broadleaved forests to contemporary plantations. These woodlands are rich in wildlife, including the graceful roe deer and the hard-to-find Purple Emperor butterfly.

The core of nature goes beyond its stunning vistas, including the diverse creatures that call it home. It includes the stories etched in every ruin, rock, tree, and leaf.

It's about the thrill of spotting a kingfisher's vibrant plumage or watching an otter's playful antics.

It's also about the joy of rekindling a bond with nature, which in turn reconnects us with ourselves.

Male kingfisher perched on tree branchMale Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

Every walk starts with a quick overview of the nature reserve or habitat we will explore, accompanied by a description of one of my visits.

I'll present my photographs, featuring wildlife, landscapes, flowers, trees, and lakes, to offer you a preview of what to expect.

If you need assistance in identifying wild birds I'm here to help.

But Nature Walks with Carol is more than a simple tour. It offers a thorough educational journey.

As we walk, I'll share nature photography tips that will help you take remarkable photos in any weather conditions

We'll investigate the technical aspects of using a DSLR or mirrorless camera, from understanding camera settings to editing your photos at home. And we'll examine the creative aspects of photography, from framing shots to telling stories. 

Older gentleman enjoying an autumnal walk in the countrysideMy hubby and one of our dogs walking ahead of me in our village

We'll also take time to appreciate the history that's all around us, from prehistoric sites to medieval castles, World War II structures, and remnants of earlier settlements. Where possible, I'll include details of these historical sites and any other interesting facts along with my walks.

Most importantly, Nature Walks with Carol is about you.

  • It's about transforming from a hobbyist to a proficient nature photographer
  • It's about experiencing joy and discovery by viewing the world differently.
  • It's about the fulfillment found in accurately capturing nature's beauty.

So, are you prepared to start this adventure with me? Let's explore the natural world together, one step at a time.

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