A passion for nature photography?

We all need to spend time out in nature. Nature photography, rambling, camping or sailing, all offer us an opportunity to get out of our regular routines and refresh.

The natural world is quite simply astonishing. Walks in the woods or around nature reserves can lift your heart, refresh your body and completely change your perspective on life. It's a magical experience that I encourage everybody to try at least once.

Also, don't forget to take a closer look to see the flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and songbirds.

I am a nature photographer and I would like to invite you to join me, virtually, on my outdoor walks in the East of England. I will share what I will see on my travels - the sights and sounds of nature that I encounter wherever I go.

On each page of this site, you'll find photographs of wildlife that I have taken at the location I'm discussing. I go out in all weathers and seasons so you can expect a good variety of nature photography.

Mandarin drakeMandarin drake (Aix galericulata)

It's all about the nature walks...

Each walk will include a brief introduction to the nature reserves, woods or other locations where I take my photographs. You'll find additional information and nature photography tips throughout the site. Oh and don't forget to get your nature books out - there is reference material on each page for further reading if you get hooked!

I will accompany each walk by a short feature on any remarkable wildlife or landscape I've seen and photographed during the trek - so check back regularly to see what's new!

Then, take your camera on your next nature walk and try out my tips for yourself!

Older gentleman enjoying an autumnal walk in the countryside

Remember if it is raining or cold, keep going - there is some fantastic wildlife around even in adverse weather conditions when other nature photographers have given up!

Visiting a beautiful place is all about enjoying the experience and the moment - something that we can sometimes forget in our busy lives. Reconnecting with nature in this way is just as rewarding through your own eyes or a telephoto lens. This appreciation has many benefits, including mental and physical fitness.

...the wildlife...

The best part about getting outside is that you get to experience the wildlife in its natural habitat. You can spy looming mountain peaks, hear the rustling of wild animals, and feel the cool breeze brush across your skin. If you're fortunate, you might see a brightly coloured kingfisher or an otter in its natural environment - it's an indescribable feeling!

You'll also receive a first-class seat for watching the creature's world unfold in front of you. Enjoy watching the mating dance of The Great Crested Grebe or a dramatic fight between two mute swans.

Male kingfisher perched on tree branchMale Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

...the history

Wherever you go in the world, there is some kind of history to be found. Your local walking route will have its own rich and varied story to tell - from prehistoric sites such as burial mounds and standing stones, to Iron Age fortifications; medieval castles; World War II structures such as pillboxes and airfields; or maybe even remnants of earlier settlement like sunken trackway.

Wherever possible I will include details of these historical sites as well as any other interesting facts along my walks.

...and the photographic opportunities

Nature photography can be challenging, but there are ways to make it easier.

Having the appropriate gear is critical, as is learning more about the creatures you want to see, such as where and when you are likely to encounter them. Don't forget your outdoor skills; after all, you don't want to scare away the animals sharing your space with you.

Then there is the technical stuff, for example, the settings to use on your camera and how to process your nature photos once you get home. I'll cover it all, but you can start by discovering what will make your photos stand out or how to photograph dragonflies

Where have I walked?

You will find County pages where I gather together the places I have visited in that area, such as...

Nature in Cambridgeshire and the Best walks in Northamptonshire.

More tie-it together pages are on the way, as I add more to this site.

I will list the reserves outside these counties on the navigation bar at the top.

At present, you will see Bempton Cliffs and Spurn Point, both in Yorkshire, along with Rutland Water.

Wildlife videos to watch

I am more into wildlife and nature photography than videography, but you will discover some videos throughout the site. To get started, take a look at this short film showcasing some of the photographs I took in 2018.

Join in!

I hope these nature walks will inspire you to go outdoors and enjoy some nature close at hand. 

I love to hear from other nature photographers such as yourself about what wildlife you have seen. Or maybe even where you would like me to walk? 

I have yet to visit several locations close to home - perhaps even those in your neck of the woods. So maybe you can join me for one or two nature walks near you in the future?

As always, please feel free to leave comments about anything related to wildlife photography in general. It's always good to know what equipment is working for you, or ask if you need some advice. I love photographing nature and am happy to help.

I hope nature walks will become a regular feature in your life so that we can explore together the wildlife of my home county and beyond.

If you can't get out as often as you would like I hope you enjoy watching nature through my eyes. 

But don't forget to keep your eyes open when you're walking your dog, even in a city. Did you know that an urban fox is more likely to be seen than a rural one?

Enjoy your visit!

Nature Walks With Carol is a website dedicated to outdoor walking and wildlife.

It offers advice for photographers and information on the flora and fauna you could see on your excursions throughout the East of England, including county pages that collate places within a region.

I hope you enjoy reading about my walks. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the site and anything you would like to see included in future updates.

What will I be photographing today?

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